Aardvark signed an MoU with Aviator.kz​

AARDVARK and Aviator.KZ signed a memorandum of understanding confirming the mutual intention of our companies to train UAV remote pilots in Kazakhstan at the highest level possible.

MoU signed between Aardvark and Aviator.kz

The application of UAVs is a direction in which world aviation and the aviation services market in Kazakhstan are actively developing. The training of remote pilots to perform aviation work requires the presence in the ATC of ready instructors with a sufficient level of competence, deeply developed training programs for remote pilots, agreed with the aviation administration of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as the availability of modern UAV technology. From the point of view of UAV operators, a hired remote pilot with a certificate for performing aviation work, first of all, must be able to operate modern UAVs technology, and have a deep understanding of the legislation, theoretical and practical foundations for the safe and effective use of UAVs.

Aardvark pilots training
Training of pilots at Aviator.kz ATC

The cooperation between AARDVARK as a drone service provider and a specialized aviation training center Aviator.kz allows us to get everything necessary to ensure high quality training of remote pilots, ready to work in modern companies with the certificate of UAV operator. This cooperation is aimed at the exchange of experience and resources between our organizations, to ensure the process of training remote pilots with modern technology and relevant knowledge. Consequently, it will allow to achieve high-quality training of remote pilots, ready to perform aviation works in Kazakhstan.

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